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Welcome back linebacker Austin Spitler. The Miami Dolphins have announced that they re-signed their former linebacker after releasing him in the preseason. Spitler originally joined the Dolphins as a seventh round pick in the 2010 draft.

He’s been primarily utilized as a special teams player in his three seasons with Miami, although he has made appearances as a reserve linebacker. He was set to make a little over $1 million this season before he was released. No details on the terms of his new contract have been disclosed.

According to Jesse Agler, Spitler will be wearing number 45. He previously had been number 53, which rookie linebacker Jelani Jenkins now wears.
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The Dolphins have roster space for Spitler following the waiving of safety Kelcie McCray and fullback Tyler Clutts yesterday. No word yet on who will fill the other roster slot, bringing Miami back up to the full 53-man roster compliment.

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Den Kürbis halbieren, die Kerne entfernen. Dann den Strunk und Stiel entfernen, und den Kürbis in grobe Stücke schneiden. In einen Topf geben und mit jeweils zur Hälfte mit Apfel- und Orangensaft bedecken.

Den Ingwer schälen, in Scheiben schneiden und ebenfalls in den Topf geben. Zesten und Saft von der Limette ebenfalls dazugeben.

Kardamom, Zucker, Vanille und Zimt nach Geschmack hinzugeben, und den Kürbis dann weich kochen.

Kürbis abgießen, die Flüssigkeit aufheben. Den Kürbis pürieren, bis eine homogene Masse entsteht, eventuell etwas von der Kochflüssigkeit dazugeben. Anschließend mit dem Crème fraîche verrühren und abschmecken. Kalt stellen.

Den Mürbeteig auf vier Tarteformen aufteilen und circa acht Minuten bei 170 Grad Celsius blind backen. Anschließend mit der Tartemasse befüllen und bei gleicher Hitze weitere zehn Minuten stocken lassen.

Für das Baiser Zucker und Eiweiß zusammen in einer Küchenmaschine aufschlagen. Die Baisermasse sollte Spitzen ziehen, die stehen bleiben, wenn man den Quirl herauszieht.

Die Masse auf ein mit Backpapier ausgelegtes Blech verteilen und im Ofen bei etwa 170 Grad Celsius trocknen lassen.

Für den Zitrus-Espuma Sahne, Saft und Zesten mit dem Puderzucker gut verrühren, bis der Zucker sich gelöst hat, kurz stehen lassen, dann durch ein feines Sieb passieren. Die gesiebte Flüssigkeit mit dem Joghurt verrühren. Die Masse dann mit zwei Kapseln in einen Sahnesyphon geben und kalt stellen.

Lasse Willenbrock kocht im Restaurant Jan Tabac in Vegesack. In dem kleinen Lokal mit 30 Plätzen serviert er saisonale und regionale Landhausküche mit französischen und italienischen Einflüssen. Die Karte wechselt wöchentlich. Über den Tresen können
Lasse Willenbrock kocht im Restaurant Jan Tabac in Vegesack. In dem kleinen Lokal mit 30 Plätzen serviert er saisonale und regionale Landhausküche mit französischen und italienischen Einflüssen. Die Karte wechselt wöchentlich. Über den Tresen können die Gäste dem Koch beim Zubereiten zuschauen. (Christian Kosak)

Die Tarte nach Belieben im Ganzen oder portioniert auf die Teller geben. Die getrockneten Baisers zerbröseln und dekorativ auf dem Teller verteilen. Den Syphon gut schütteln und dann den Schaum ebenfalls dekorativ auf den Tellern verteilen. Mit Pistazien, Kürbiskernöl oder Macadamia-Raspeln dekorieren.
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250 Gramm Mehl auf den Tisch sieben, in der Mitte ein Ei platzieren, 125 Gramm Zucker, ein Päckchen Vanillezucker und 125 Gramm Butter in Stücken dazugeben und alles durchkneten, bis eine schöne Teigmasse entsteht. Eine halbe Stunde im Kühlschrank ruhen lassen. Reste, die nicht verwertet werden, lassen sich einfrieren.

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Times change, norms change, politicians with different standards come and go, and it’s all for the better, except maybe not, especially when you are talking about two Democratic speakers of the U.S. House of Representatives. They’re interesting comparisons, Sam Rayburn of years ago and Nancy Pelosi of today, and maybe what’s different about them gives us insight into our own times.

Known by friends as “Mr. Sam,” Rayburn was raised in meager circumstances on a Texas cotton farm and decided as a boy that he wanted to be a politician. He started out as a teacher, became a state legislator, got a law degree and turned up as a representative in Washington in 1913, hanging around until 1961.

Despite a couple of interruptions, he was speaker for 17 years, a record, and that was no accident. He stayed mostly behind the scenes, working politely and persuasively with others, mastered the content of just about every bill and found ways to get hugely important things done, such as supplying electricity to rural America.

He was around for two world wars and was a New Deal enthusiast, especially worried about the poor. Even though his father was a Confederate cavalryman, he evolved into a civil rights advocate. He wouldn’t take a nickel from anybody for anything. While a state legislator, he was also a member of a law firm that represented a railroad paying handsome fees. The legislature dealt with railroad issues, and even though there was no legal impediment, Rayburn said no fee for me, please.

When he died, he had $15,000 in the bank.

Pelosi, whose father was a congressman and mayor of Baltimore, climbed her way up in San Francisco politics, made it to the House and became its first woman speaker. She has always been outspoken on the issues, has been an unbeatable fund-raiser and has played an important role in in the passage of such legislation as Obamacare.

This year, she became speaker again, and every now and then has seemed lost in her leadership, still a liberal, ad hominem dogmatist but unclear on whether to keep House procedures reasonable or mystifying to some of us observers. No worthy guidance came from the youthful, irrational rebels in her changing party, but she is now tightly bound with them on the goal of impeaching President Donald Trump. She has worn a coat of righteousness in saying, for instance, that Trump belongs in prison, but her righteousness seems a bad fit.

By way of example, let’s go back to 2008 when the House was considering a popular bill that would stop Visa from charging vendors swipe fees and bringing home stacks of moolah. Pelosi was speaker of the House then and exempt from laws prohibiting insider trading, and her husband got a chance to buy Visa stocks in an initial public offering, making quite a bit of money over time. A Visa political action committee gave Nancy Pelosi $1,000 to help her re-election. She had a meeting with Visa executives. The bill did not make it to a vote and was in fact stalled for two years.

The stock purchase was examined by various news outlets, including “60 Minutes,” and Pelosi has said she was always on the side of consumers. Once, when asked about some of this at a press conference, she cut the questioner short, saying, “It’s not true and that’s that.” She has now suggested that Trump testify before the Democratic-directed impeachment hearings, and he might consider saying the same thing.

Pelosi’s husband has been highly successful in the real estate and venture capital business, and the two have had maybe eight adventures in initial public offerings, it is reported.

Their worth is estimated at $29 million.

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There’s a reason most season fantasy football leagues don’t play into Week 17. There will a handful of teams resting key players for the final, most notably the Ravens.

The AFC’s top seed won’t be making fantasy’s 2019 top league-winning QB, Lamar Jackson, available to run or pass in reality. Baltimore also won’t be taking any chances on running back Mark Ingram with his calf strain before the playoffs. Minnesota and Buffalo are two other locked-in playoff teams.

The Decider is still breaking down the schedule to provide one more week of start/sit lineup decisions and DFS picks for the 2019 NFL season. Sporting News NFL writer Vinnie Iyer breaks down the matchups and helps you pick the players you should deploy or avoid in Week 17.

Fantasy football rankings for Week 13 are based on the point-per-reception (PPR) scoring used in most seasonal and daily fantasy football formats. One point is awarded for every 10 rushing and receiving yards and one point for every 20 passing yards. Six points are awarded for touchdowns scored, four points for passing TDs and one point for receptions.

Rankings are compiled by Updated Dec. 1

(*- Be sure to check injury/status before kickoff)


1 Patrick Mahomes K.C. vs. Oak.

2 Russell Wilson Sea. vs. Min.

3 Aaron Rodgers G.B. at N.Y.-G

4 Lamar Jackson Bal. vs. S.F.

5 Jameis Winston T.B. at Jac.

6 Kirk Cousins Min. at Sea.

7 Drew Brees N.O. at Atl.

8 Nick Foles Jac. vs. T.B.

9 Matt Ryan Atl. vs. N.O.

10 Tom Brady N.E. at Hou.

11 Deshaun Watson Hou. vs. N.E.

12 Dak Prescott Dal. vs. Buf.

13 Josh Allen Buf. at Dal.

14 Jared Goff L.A.-R at Ari.

15 Baker Mayfield Cle. at Pit.

16 Sam Darnold N.Y.-J at Cin.

17 Daniel Jones N.Y.-G vs. G.B.

18 Ryan Tannehill Ten. at Ind.

19 Jacoby Brissett Ind. vs. Ten.

20 Kyle Allen Car. vs. Was.

21 Mitchell Trubisky Chi. at Det.

22 Philip Rivers L.A.-C at Den.

23 David Blough Det. vs. Chi.

24 Andy Dalton Cin. vs. N.Y.-J

25 Derek Carr Oak. at K.C.

26 Jimmy Garoppolo S.F. at Bal.

27 Ryan Fitzpatrick Mia. vs. Phi.

28 *Carson Wentz Phi. at Mia.

29 Kyler Murray Ari. vs. L.A.-R

30 Devlin Hodges Pit. vs. Cle.


1 Christian McCaffrey Car. vs. Was.

2 Alvin Kamara N.O. at Atl.

3 Ezekiel Elliott Dal. vs. Buf.

4 Saquon Barkley N.Y.-G vs. G.B.

5 Todd Gurley L.A.-R at Ari.

6 Aaron Jones G.B. at N.Y.-G

7 Melvin Gordon L.A.-C at Den.

8 Leonard Fournette Jac. vs. T.B.

9 Chris Carson Sea. vs. Min.

10 Phillip Lindsay Den. vs. L.A.-C

11 Nick Chubb Cle. at Pit.

12 Dalvin Cook Min. at Sea.

13 Benny Snell Jr. Pit. vs. Cle.

14 Josh Jacobs Oak. at K.C.

15 Kenyan Drake Ari. vs. L.A.-R

16 Austin Ekeler L.A.-C at Den.

17 Joe Mixon Cin. vs. N.Y.-J

18 Jonathan Williams Ind. vs. Ten.

19 Mark Ingram Bal. vs. S.F.

20 James White N.E. at Hou.

21 Le’Veon Bell N.Y.-J at Cin.

22 Devin Singletary Buf. at Dal.

23 Tarik Cohen Chi. at Det.

24 Ronald Jones T.B. at Jac.

25 Sony Michel N.E. at Hou.

26 Bo Scarbrough Det. vs. Chi.

27 David Montgomery Chi. at Det.

28 Derrick Henry Ten. at Ind.

29 Jamaal Williams G.B. at N.Y.-G

30 Kalen Ballage Mia. vs. Phi.

31 Miles Sanders Phi. at Mia.

32 LeSean McCoy K.C. vs. Oak.

33 Latavius Murray N.O. at Atl.

34 Carlos Hyde Hou. vs. N.E.

35 Tevin Coleman S.F. at Bal.

36 *David Johnson Ari. vs. L.A.-R

37 Darrel Williams K.C. vs. Oak.

38 Royce Freeman Den. vs. L.A.-C

39 Peyton Barber T.B. at Jac.

40 *Devonta Freeman Atl. vs. N.O.

41 Jalen Richard Oak. at K.C.

42 Derrius Guice Was. at Car.

43 Rashaad Penny Sea. vs. Min.

44 Adrian Peterson Was. at Car.

45 Kareem Hunt Cle. at Pit.

46 Nyheim Hines Ind. vs. Ten.

47 *Matt Breida S.F. at Bal.

48 Rex Burkhead N.E. at Hou.

49 Giovani Bernard Cin. vs. N.Y.-J

50 Duke Johnson Hou. vs. N.E.

51 Jaylen Samuels Pit. vs. Cle.

52 Frank Gore Buf. at Dal.

53 Patrick Laird Mia. vs. Phi.

54 Jay Ajayi Phi. at Mia.

55 Gus Edwards Bal. vs. S.F.

WAIVER WIRE:Prepare for the fantasy playoffs


1 Michael Thomas N.O. at Atl.

2 Cooper Kupp L.A.-R at Ari.

3 Chris Godwin T.B. at Jac.

4 Mike Evans T.B. at Jac.

5 D.J. Chark Jac. vs. T.B.

6 Calvin Ridley Atl. vs. N.O.

7 DeAndre Hopkins Hou. vs. N.E.

8 Stefon Diggs Min. at Sea.

9 Tyler Boyd Cin. vs. N.Y.-J

10 Keenan Allen L.A.-C at Den.

11 Tyreek Hill K.C. vs. Oak.

12 Kenny Golladay Det. vs. Chi.

13 Amari Cooper Dal. vs. Buf.

14 Christian Kirk Ari. vs. L.A.-R

15 John Brown Buf. at Dal.

16 Jarvis Landry Cle. at Pit.

17 DeVante Parker Mia. vs. Phi.

18 Odell Beckham Cle. at Pit.

19 Davante Adams G.B. at N.Y.-G

20 Tyler Lockett Sea. vs. Min.

21 Allen Robinson Chi. at Det.

22 Zach Pascal Ind. vs. Ten.

23 James Washington Pit. vs. Cle.

24 Robert Woods L.A.-R at Ari.

25 Michael Gallup Dal. vs. Buf.

26 Julian Edelman N.E. at Hou.

27 Dede Westbrook Jac. vs. T.B.

28 Marvin Jones Det. vs. Chi.

29 *Sterling Shepard N.Y.-G vs. G.B.

30 Cole Beasley Buf. at Dal.

31 *Adam Thielen Min. at Sea.

32 Brandin Cooks L.A.-R at Ari.

33 Terry McLaurin Was. at Car.

34 Corey Davis Ten. at Ind.

35 D.J. Moore Car. vs. Was.

36 Marquise Brown Bal. vs. S.F.

37 *Alshon Jeffery Phi. at Mia.

38 Courtland Sutton Den. vs. L.A.-C

39 DK Metcalf Sea. vs. Min.

40 Larry Fitzgerald Ari. vs. L.A.-R

41 Randall Cobb Dal. vs. Buf.

42 Russell Gage Atl. vs. N.O.

43 Jamison Crowder N.Y.-J at Cin.

44 Robby Anderson N.Y.-J at Cin.

45 Curtis Samuel Car. vs. Was.

46 Tyrell Williams Oak. at K.C.

47 A.J. Brown Ten. at Ind.

48 Sammy Watkins K.C. vs. Oak.

49 Anthony Miller Chi. at Det.

50 Mike Williams L.A.-C at Den.

51 Darius Slayton N.Y.-G vs. G.B.

52 Auden Tate Cin. vs. N.Y.-J

53 Phillip Dorsett N.E. at Hou.

54 Adam Humphries Ten. at Ind.

55 Will Fuller Hou. vs. N.E.

SIZZLERS, FIZZLERS:Sam Darnold, Ryan Tannehill add value with their legs


1 Travis Kelce K.C. vs. Oak.

2 Zach Ertz Phi. at Mia.

3 Kyle Rudolph Min. at Sea.

4 George Kittle S.F. at Bal.

5 Darren Waller Oak. at K.C.

6 Hunter Henry L.A.-C at Den.

7 Greg Olsen Car. vs. Was.

8 Kaden Smith N.Y.-G vs. G.B.

9 Jack Doyle Ind. vs. Ten.

10 Jared Cook N.O. at Atl.

11 Mark Andrews Bal. vs. S.F.

12 Ryan Griffin N.Y.-J at Cin.

13 Darren Fells Hou. vs. N.E.

14 Dallas Goedert Phi. at Mia.

15 Jaeden Graham Atl. vs. N.O.

16 Cameron Brate T.B. at Jac.

17 Jason Witten Dal. vs. Buf.

18 Tyler Higbee L.A.-R at Ari.

19 Vance McDonald Pit. vs. Cle.

20 *Jacob Hollister Sea. vs. Min.

21 *David Njoku Cle. at Pit.

22 Noah Fant Den. vs. L.A.-C

23 Jonnu Smith Ten. at Ind.

24 Dawson Knox Buf. at Dal.

25 Jeremy Sprinkle Was. at Car.

26 Ricky Seals-Jones Cle. at Pit.

27 T.J. Hockenson Det. vs. Chi.

28 Blake Jarwin Dal. vs. Buf.

29 Jimmy Graham G.B. at N.Y.-G

30 Tyler Eifert Cin. vs. N.Y.-J


1 Harrison Butker K.C. vs. Oak.

2 Justin Tucker Bal. vs. S.F.

3 Wil Lutz N.O. at Atl.

4 Younghoe Koo Atl. vs. N.O.

5 Josh Lambo Jac. vs. T.B.

6 Adam Vinatieri Ind. vs. Ten.

7 Dan Bailey Min. at Sea.

8 Jason Myers Sea. vs. Min.

9 Jake Elliott Phi. at Mia.

10 Mike Badgley L.A.-C at Den.

11 Sam Ficken N.Y.-J at Cin.

12 Zane Gonzalez Ari. vs. L.A.-R

13 Kai Forbath N.E. at Hou.

14 Greg Zuerlein L.A.-R at Ari.

15 Dustin Hopkins Was. at Car.

16 Ryan Succop Ten. at Ind.

17 Mason Crosby G.B. at N.Y.-G

18 Steven Hauschka Buf. at Dal.

19 Matt Prater Det. vs. Chi.

20 *Robbie Gould S.F. at Bal.

21 Ka’imi Fairbairn Hou. vs. N.E.

22 Aldrick Rosas N.Y.-G vs. G.B.

23 Daniel Carlson Oak. at K.C.

24 Brandon McManus Den. vs. L.A.-C

25 Matt Gay T.B. at Jac.

26 Brett Maher Dal. vs. Buf.

27 Jason Sanders Mia. vs. Phi.

28 Austin Seibert Cle. at Pit.

29 Joey Slye Car. vs. Was.

30 Randy Bullock Cin. vs. N.Y.-J

31 Eddy Pineiro Chi. at Det.

32 Chris Boswell Pit. vs. Cle.

33 Chase McLaughlin S.F. at Bal.


1 Philadelphia Eagles at Mia.

2 New England Patriots at Hou.

3 New York Jets at Cin.

4 Carolina Panthers vs. Was.

5 Jacksonville Jaguars vs. T.B.

6 Denver Broncos vs. L.A.-C

7 Indianapolis Colts vs. Ten.

8 New Orleans Saints at Atl.

9 Green Bay Packers at N.Y.-G

10 Chicago Bears at Det.

11 Los Angeles Chargers at Den.

12 Tennessee Titans at Ind.

13 Cleveland Browns at Pit.

14 Minnesota Vikings at Sea.

15 Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cle.

16 Washington Redskins at Car.

17 Detroit Lions vs. Chi.

18 Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Jac.

19 Los Angeles Rams at Ari.

20 San Francisco 49ers at Bal.

21 Baltimore Ravens vs. S.F.

22 Arizona Cardinals vs. L.A.-R

23 Kansas City Chiefs vs. Oak.

24 Cincinnati Bengals vs. N.Y.-J

25 Miami Dolphins vs. Phi.

26 Houston Texans vs. N.E.

27 Buffalo Bills at Dal.

28 Seattle Seahawks vs. Min.

29 Oakland Raiders at K.C.

30 Dallas Cowboys vs. Buf.

31 New York Giants vs. G.B.

32 Atlanta Falcons vs. N.O.

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After a successful first year, Asbury is hosting its second annual Embrace Conference on Nov. 19 and 20.

This year the event will feature Bishop Leonard Fairley of the Kentucky Annual Conference as its keynote speaker. Fairley will lead the opening session Nov. 19 from 4-5 p.m. in the Cafeteria Gray Room.

The conference will begin with registration at 1 p.m. on Nov. 19 and a meet and greet in the Student Center, and continues with a screening of “If They Are Free, I Am Free” by Propaganda and Q Ideas in the Miller screening room.

Fayette County Clerk Shea Brown and Andrew Russell will be interviewed in the Student Center at 6:30 p.m., and the night closes with an evening social and student performances from 8-9 p.m.

After breakfast and the Embrace Conference chapel on Nov. 20, students and faculty will lead four breakout sessions from 11 a.m. to noon, and the conference will end with a lunch talkback session.

Seniors Caleb Norris and Madeline Smart will lead one of the breakout sessions titled “White But Not Quite.”

“Our theme this year is ‘Mutuality: Christians and Racial Reconciliation,’” said Norris. “We want to get the message across to every attendee that they are personally responsible to have this conversation.”

Registration is $50 for community members, but is free for Asbury students. Students can also receive excused absences from class for attending the conference at the discretion of individual professors.

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FLINTON — Zach Miller poured in a game-high 21 points to lift Bellwood-Antis to a 76-35 Inter-County Conference North Division rout over Glendale Tuesday night in boys high school basketball action.

Bellwood improved to 3-1 while Glendale (2-1) lost for the first time.

Troy Walker contributed 14 points and Zach Mallon delivered 11 for the Blue Devils.

Ryan Sinclair fronted the Vikings with nine points.

GLENDALE (35): Cree 1 1-2 3, Jasper 2 0-1 4, Jackson 3 2-2 8, Krepps 0 0-0 0, Monahan 1 0-0 3, Pennington 0 0-0 0, Sinclair 4 2-4 10, Lo. Smeal 3 0-1 7, La. Smeal 0 0-2 0, Spencer 0 0-0 0. Totals — 14 5-12 35.

BELWOOD-ANTIS (76) Gibbons 1 3-5 5, Walker 5 4-6 14, Z. Mallon 3 4-7 11, Pelligrino 2 0-0 5, Z. Miller 9 2-4 21, S. Mallon 4 0-0 8, Morris 2 0-0 4, Truis 2 0-0 5, Mercer 1 0-0 3. Totals — 29 13-22 76.


Bellwood-Antis 17 21 18 20 — 76

Glendale 6 4 14 11 — 35

3-point goals: Glendale 2 (Monahan, Lo. Smeal); Bellwood-Antis 5 (Z. Mallon, Pelligrino, Truis, Mercer, Z. Miller).

Records: Glendale (2-1); Bellwood-Antis (3-1).

JV: Bellwood-Antis 48, Glendale 30: High scorers — Beiswenger, Mercer, D. Miller, Morris, BA, 8 each; Jasper, Krepps, Monahan, G, 10, apiece.

Williamsburg 79

Saint Joseph’s 42

BOALSBURG — Peanut Wansley scored 12 points, and Lambert Palmer, Adam Uplinger and Jared McCall each scored 11 points as Williamsburg defeated Saint Joseph’s.

The Blue Pirates, who led 18-2 after one quarter of play, won their third game of the year, matching last season’s win total.

SAINT JOSEPH’S (42): Scanlon 7 4-9 18, Bevilacqua 1 0-0 2, Cross, A. 4 0-0 9, Dawson 1 1-2 3, Peters 2 3-4 8, Thomas 1 0-0 2. Totals–14 8-15 42.

WILLIAMSBURG (79): Dowey 3 0-1 6, Wansley 5 1-5 12, Palmer 5 1-1 11, Hileman 3 0-2 9, McCall J. 4 3-4 11, Uplinger 4 3-3 11, Kagarise 0 0-0 0, McCall W. 4 0-1 8, Frew 0 0-0 0, James D. 2 0-0 4, Kunsman 0 0-0 0, Brantner S. 0 3-4 3, Woodruff 1 0-0 2, James A. 0 0-0 0, Brantner A. 0 0-0 0. Totals–29 11-20 79.


Williamsburg 18 24 17 19 — 79

St. Joseph’s 2 17 17 6 — 42

3-point goals: St. Joseph’s Academy 1 (Cross); Williamsburg 4 (Wansley, Hileman 4)

Records: St. Joseph’s Academy (0-5); Williamsburg (3-2; 2-0 ICC North)

JV: Williamsburg 56-34: High scorers–Summers, SJ, 10; Kagarise, W, 15

Portage 80

Rockwood 43

ROCKWOOD — Portage defeated Rockwood behind 21 points from Demetrius Miller.

Kaden Claar and Andrew Miko each scored 14 points for the undefeated Mustangs (3-0), who led 46-14 at halftime.

PORTAGE (80): Zatek 2 0-0 4, K. Kargo 0 0-0 0, Claar 5 4-4 14, Miller 10 1-2 21, M. Kargo 5 0-0 11, Miko 6 2-2 14, Gouse 3 0-0 8, Lawrence 3 0-0 6, Dobrowolsky 0 0-0 0, Scarton 1 0-0 2. Totals–34 7-8 80

ROCKWOOD (43): Bluebaugh 1 0-0 2, Boden 2 0-2 4, Bowman 7 1-1 19, Foy 1 1-2 4, Latuch 4 0-0 10, Schrock 1 0-0 2, Hutchinson 1 0-0 2. Totals–17 2-5 43.


Portage 27 19 22 12 — 80

Rockwood 5 9 9 20 — 43

3-point goals: Portage 3 (M. Kargo, Gouse 2); Rockwood 7 (Bowman 4, Latuch 2, Foy)

Records: Portage (3-0)

JV: Portage, 50-30. High scorer–Gouse, P, 16

Central Dauphin 68

Altoona 51

HARRISBURG — K.J. Futrell (15), Caleb Pierce (15) and Jeremiah Crocket (10) each scored in double figures, but Altoona was outscored in each quarter of a loss to Central Dauphin.

Donovan Hill led Central Dauphin with 14 points in a game it led, 35-23, at halftime.

ALTOONA (51): Becker 2 0-0 6, Pierce 5 2-2 15, Futrell 4 7-13 15, Crockett 4 1-3 10, Cornelius 0 0-0 0, Corso 0 1-2 1, Lawson 0 0-0 0, Pheasant 0 1-2 1, Petucci 0 0-0 0, Lestochi 0 0-0 0, Muffie 1 0-0 3. Totals–16 12-22 51

CENTRAL DAUPHIN (68): Smith 2 2-2 6, Russo 3 4-4 11, Dockens 1 1-1 3, Haggans 4 2-2 10, Hill 5 4-8 14, Renaldi 2 1-2 7, Fuller 1 6-6 8, Roberts 2 0-0 4, Easter 1 3-4 5, Harford 0 0-0 0. Totals–21 23-28 68


Altoona 13 10 9 19 — 51

Central Dauphin 18 17 13 20 — 68

3-point goals: Altoona 7 (Pierce 3, Becker 2, Crockett, Muffie); Central Dauphin 3 (Renaldi 2, Russo)

Records: Altoona (2-4, 1-2 in Mid Penn); Central Dauphin (3-1, 2-0 in Mid Penn).

JV: Central Dauphin, 79-49 . High scorers–Pheasant, A, 15, Mosey, CD, 17

Blair Christian 56

H. Christian 35

DUNCANSVILLE — Jonathan Hight made history for Blair County Christian, scoring the 1,000th point of his career in a win over Huntingdon Christian.

Hight finished with 18 points to become only the second player in school history to reach the milestone.

Davis Dull added 16 points and teammate Hudson Dull added 10 as the Bobcats improved to 7-1.

BLAIR COUNTY CHRISTIAN (56): Cowart 0 0-0 0, H. Dull 4 2-2 10, Hight 8 2-4 18, C. Dull 1 1-2 3, Sease 0 0-0 0, D. Dull 5 5-5 16, Hartman 3 0-0 9, Ebersole 0-0 0, Andre 0 0-0 0, A. Dull 0 0-0 0, Nagle 0 0-0 0, Ca. Dull 0 0-0 0. Totals 21 10-14 56

HUNTINGDON CHRISTIAN (35): B. Peachey 0 0-2 0, Ginther 5 1-2 11, McCarty 6 0-2 12, O. Peachey 3 2-4 9, Sipes 0 0-0 0, Harven 1 0-0 3. Totals: 15 3-10 35.


Blair Christian 13 14 16 13 — 56

Huntingdon Christian 15 6 9 5 — 35

3-point goals: BCC 4 (D. Dull, Hartman 3); Huntingdon Christian 2 (Harven, O. Peachey)

Records: Huntingdon Christian (3-2), Blair County Christian (7-1)

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There will not be a bowl game in Syracuse football fan’s Christmas stocking this year. The Orange, despite high expectations this summer, struggled to a 5-7 record and a disappointing sixth-place finish in the ACC Atlantic division. To fill the void, we are looking back at Syracuse’s greatest football triumph, the 1959 national championship, on what would be the 60th anniversary of that team.

Today, it’s Syracuse’s other star running back that season, Art Baker’s big day.

In football, a fullback’s job is largely a thankless one.

It is the fullback’s role to open holes for the star halfback, who rushes for big yards and glorious touchdowns.

Few schools have produced as many great fullbacks as Syracuse — Jim Nance, Larry Csonka, Daryl Johnston and Rob Konrad were some of the greats.

When one thinks about the mighty offensive backfield of the 1959 Syracuse University national champion football team, most think of Ernie Davis.

And while Davis, who would the Heisman Trophy two years later, led the team in rushing, a lot of credit belongs to his fullback Art Baker.

Baker ran for 507 yards and cleared the way for Ernie Davis’ 686 yards and Gerald Schwedes’ 567.

Teammates called Baker a “tough son of a gun.”

But on Oct. 10, 1959, against Navy, Baker emerged from his more famous teammates’ shadows and had a day in the spotlight, scoring on both offense and defense.

The game was played in Norfolk, Virginia, and SU’s Baker, Davis and John Brown would be the first African Americans to play at the city’s Oyster Bowl.

With Syracuse leading 7-0 in the second quarter, Navy had driven to the Syracuse eight-yard-line. They tried a pass play, but Art Baker was ready.

He intercepted the pass at the three and returned it back 97 yards for a game-breaking score.

“By the time he reached the Syracuse 40, all hope had died,” the Post-Standard remembered, “and Baker was just high-stepping all the way, his closest pursuers being protective mates.”

In the second half, he carried two Midshipmen across the goal line for another touchdown.

Baker’s performance would win him the game’s MVP, the Blassingame Trophy.

In 1959, Baker became the first athlete to ever win a team sport and individual sport championship in the same school year.

Besides football, he was also the 191-pound NCAA wrestling champion.

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Arrangements have been made for Youbens Joseph, a married father of three who was gunned down at his West Nyack auto shop.

A wake is set for 7 to 9 p.m. on Friday at French Speaking Baptist Church at 80 N. Madison Ave. in Spring Valley, and a funeral service will be held there at 9 a.m. Saturday, according to Joseph W. Sorce Funeral Home in West Nyack.

Joseph will be buried at 11:30 a.m. Saturday at Brick Church Cemetery at 220 Brick Church Road in Spring Valley.

YOUBENS JOSEPH: Family mourns ‘kind, trusting person’

WEST NYACK: Auto shop owner shot; gunman fled

FATAL: West Nyack auto shop owner dies from shooting

ARREST: Police nab suspect in West Nyack auto shop shooting

“We’re all mourning,” Joseph’s wife, Keren Joseph, said through tears after a press conference on Thursday at the Clarkstown police station, where authorities announced an arrest in the case. “He loves his family so much.”

Joseph, a 37-year-old native of Haiti who lived in Middletown in Orange County, was killed in what Clarkstown police said was a dispute with a customer at his store, Youbs Auto Sales.

There was an ongoing issue over payment for a car that Joseph sold to Eric Hue Ross Jr. in July, police said. Around 3:15 p.m. on Nov. 25, Ross shot Joseph at the shop at 357 Route 59 and fled, police said.

Ross, a 24-year-old resident of Wilmington, Delaware, who had been living in Rockland County, went on the run, police said. Joseph was taken to Westchester Medical Center and died the next day.

Family members of Youbens Joseph, including his brother, Enix Joseph, daughter, Kaelah, 7, brother Nixon Joseph and wife, Keren Joseph, attend a press conference at Clarkstown Police headquarters in New City Nov. 29, 2018. Joseph was murdered at his auto business in West Nyack on Nov. 24, 2018Buy Photo
Family members of Youbens Joseph, including his brother, Enix Joseph, daughter, Kaelah, 7, brother Nixon Joseph and wife, Keren Joseph, attend a press conference at Clarkstown Police headquarters in New City Nov. 29, 2018. Joseph was murdered at his auto business in West Nyack on Nov. 24, 2018 (Photo: Peter Carr/The Journal News)

Police spotted Ross’ Hyundai Sonata in Pennsylvania and arrested him at a relative’s home there four days after the shooting. He is being held in Pennsylvania until he is extradited to New York to face felony charges of second-degree murder and first-degree criminal use of a firearm.

Joseph was born in Port-au-Prince and moved to the United States in 1999, according to his obituary. He spent 14 years working for C&S Wholesale Grocers, a supply chain company in the food industry, according to his obituary.

Joseph opened Youbs Auto Sales in 2012 and took it on as a full-time job this year.

Joseph is survived by his wife, Keren Denis Joseph; children, Kherbens, Korry Ruebens and Kaelah; 10 siblings; and many nieces and nephews.

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GLENDALE, AZ – JANUARY 10: Kicker Neil Rackers #1 of the Arizona Cardinals attempts a game winning field goal against the Green Bay Packers during the fourth quarter of the 2010 NFC wild-card playoff game at University of Phoenix Stadium on January 10, 2010 in Glendale, Arizona. Rackers missed the attempt, sending the game in to overtime. (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)
Jeff Gross/Getty Images
After eight years in a Texans uniform, kicker Kris Brown’s days in Houston may be numbered.

This week the Texans announced the signing of 33-year-old veteran kicker Neil Rackers to a two-year, $4.1 million contract.

Rackers reached the end of his deal with Arizona and became a free agent this offseason when the Cardinals brought in Jay Feely to handle the team’s placekicking duties.

Brown says he wasn’t surprised by the move.

“I figured they were going to bring some competition in. It wasn’t surprising,” Brown told Fox Sports Houston. “That’s the nature of this league.”

The only kicker in Texans franchise history, Brown is coming off his worst statistical season as a Pro.

He completed 65.6 percent of his field goals (21 of 32) and converted 43 of 44 PATs in a forgettable 2009 campaign. Brown has a career field goal percentage of 77.3 percent in 11 seasons with the Steelers and Texans and has never been named to the Pro Bowl.

Rackers, by way of comparison, converted 16 of 17 field goal attempts (94.1 percent) and 37 of 38 PATs for the Cardinals in 2009. He has a career field goal percentage of 78.2 percent in 10 seasons with the Bengals and Cardinals.

Rackers set an NFL record in 2005 by successfully converting 40 of 42 field goals and was named to the 2006 Pro Bowl.

I’m excited,” Rackers told MyFoxHouston. “I’m a midwestern guy. It’s nice to be back around good people. It’s an opportunity to be a part of what I think is a team headed in the right direction. I’ll bring them a positive attitude and a hard worker.”

“Kris Brown is an excellent kicker, a guy I have a lot of respect for and has accomplished a lot in this league as well. I’m just here to compete and have a good time,” said Rackers.
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If there’s a bright side for Brown, it’s that only $350,000 of Rackers’ two-year deal is guaranteed. That should help ensure a truly open competition at training camp.

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SHREWSBURY — Being in the midst of the action rather than on the periphery is where Shawn Loiseau wants to be when it comes to football.

So after missing three games and the past five weeks recovering from multiple injuries, the veteran linebacker and vocal team captain was refreshed, ready and — most of all — raring to return to the field when the Massachusetts Pirates meet the Orlando Predators on Saturday night in Florida.

“I’m excited to get out there and play again for sure,” Loiseau said last week during a break from work at Undisputed Nutrition, the business he owns on Route 9 here in his hometown.

“I miss it. You know how I feel about football, so watching from the sidelines has sucked. But I’m excited to be back now, to be healthy and stay healthy because the rest of the season is a pretty tough stretch for us.”

The 6-foot-1, 244-pound Loiseau was the Massachusetts Defensive Player of the Year as a senior at Shrewsbury High in 2007, and a two-time All-American at Merrimack College before signing with the Indianapolis Colts (twice) and Houston Texans in the NFL.

Loiseau, 29, has played indoor football in Los Angeles, South Dakota, Nebraska, and, since last season, Worcester. A pair of severe injuries limited him to three regular-season games with the Pirates last year, but he entered this season fully fit and it showed.

In four games, Loiseau made four solo and eight assisted tackles, including one for a loss, intercepted a pass and recorded a quarterback hit. But soft-tissue injuries to his hands, groin and calf forced him to shut it down.

“It’s frustrating,” Loiseau said. “This type of league is very demanding on your body as opposed to the outdoor game because of the turf and the boards. So soft-tissue injuries are very common because the turf has no give. If you hit it, stuff just breaks.

“But (it’s better) compared to last year when I tore my knee and broke my wrist. It’s not stuff I have to get surgery for or wait for tendons and ligaments to heal.”

So things are trending in the right direction for Loiseau. Same goes for the Pirates.

After starting their sophomore season with one win in their first five games, the Pirates swept a home-and-home series with the first-year New York Streets to improve to 3-4 and climb to fourth place in the National Arena League standings before having a bye last week.

“We look good, although we still have a lot of underlying things to fix,” Loiseau said. “But we played a team (New York) we really can’t measure our standard with. … So, for us, we’re going to have to play a team like Jacksonville or Carolina or one of the better teams and that will be the real testing point for us.”

The Pirates opened the season with a pair of losses to defending league champion Carolina and will face Jacksonville, which entered the weekend with a league-leading 5-1 record, twice in July. Their other five remaining games are against teams that are .500 or worse.

So the opportunity is there for the Pirates to continue their playoff push while also being prudent when it comes to managing injuries.

“There are six teams in the league and four of us are going to go to the playoffs,” Loiseau said. “So we want to be in the top four and make the playoffs and make it there healthy. That’s the biggest thing.

“Last year we had the best record in the league, but we didn’t enter the playoffs healthy, so having the best record didn’t much matter. We’d much rather make it to the playoffs healthy because all you have to do is win one game and you’re in the championship.”

The Pirates went 11-5 and were regular-season champions last year. But injuries, especially to NAL MVP quarterback Sean Brackett, caught up to them in the playoffs, leading to an ouster in the semifinals.